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Plate Miscellaneous

  • Bright Boy Hones - 20/box
    $88.00 Bright Boy Hones - 20/box
    Debur, smooth and polish with Bright Boy Abrasive Retouch Sticks, made of natural rubber, selec reinforcing agents and first quality abrasives. They have excellent physical and chemical stability and are produced under...
  • Dotworks Multi-Purpose Metal Plate Finisher - Gal.
    $21.75 Dotworks Multi-Purpose Metal Plate Finisher - Gal.
    Dotworks Multi-Purpose Plate Finisher is a metal plate finisher, cleaner and gum preserver for Dot's Jade, Graphline, Agfa and similar plates. Stocked in gallons.  We stock additional Dot metal plates and related...
  • Sponge, Artificial (3)
    $8.85 Sponge, Artificial (3)
    Sponges have many uses in the print shop, from pre-press to cleaning. These artificial sponges measure 6" x 4" x 1 1/2". Sold 3 at a time.
  • VeraTec Cheesecloth Grade #40 - Roll
    $115.00 VeraTec Cheesecloth Grade #40 - Roll
    Fiberweb/VeraTec Econo-cut Cheesecloth wipes, #40, comes on a roll, 120 precut 30" x 36" pieces.  These 4-ply wipes are used as an economical general wipe that is also perfect for specialized uses such as applying gum...