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An Introduction

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Hello. I'd like to introduce you to Printing Equipment and Supply ... or at least to our website (printingequipmentandsupply.com).

We are entering our third year of having a website, and after a rather slow start, orders on this site have been growing ever since. So, I'm happy that we have the site, and I only wish I'd done it years earlier.

Printing Equipment and Supply is located in Minnesota, on the edge of the metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul area. As such, the bulk of our customers have been from Minnesota, and most of them from the metro area. The company has been in business for 30-plus years, and we have some customers who have been with us just about as long. Many thanks to them!

But one can't depend solely on the past to keep ahead. One must look ahead, and using the web (which, incredibly, was only created 25 years ago) is a way to do so.  Using an existing template, I have pretty much entered every keystroke, taken every picture, and done the head-scratching to get the site up and to keep it running.  There has been the occasional error, but I try to correct errors as soon as I discover them. A bigger headache has been two ownership transfers on the web platform ... meaning that the site has changed its appearance and the way it works three times since we got on it.  The last one just took place at about the first of the year (2014), and I am still tweeking the changes in an attempt to make it as easy to use and attractive as possible.

We have well over a thousand products on the site now ... which frankly only represents a portion of the items in our warehouse.  We have more than 5,000 products listed in our price list!  So, if you are in the graphics/printing/design business, and do not see what you want .... give us a call. We have it, or we'll find it, or we will tell you where to get it.

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